Fukin Tuned Throttle Response Controller

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Installation & What's in the Box

Installation Info

Installation Time

(approx) 10 Minutes

Difficulty Level:

Simple installation for anyone.

What's in the Box

  • Fukin Tuned Throttle Response Controller
  • Instructions
  • Zip Ties
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    Picture this: you're sitting in your ride, ready to hit the road. But wait, what's that? Throttle lag? Oh no, we can't have that! With Fukin Tuned, you'll accelerate harder, faster, and better than ever before.

    Say goodbye to lag and hello to turbocharged awesomeness!
     Accelerate harder, faster, and better!

    Installation? Piece of cake! Who needs those fancy performance shops when you've got a garage and 15 minutes to spare? Just connect Fukin Tuned to your Gas Pedal, and boom, you're off to the races! It's like giving your car a shot of adrenaline directly into its veins!

    But that's not all, my friend. Fukin Tuned is the master of customization. It offers you a whopping 36 sensitivity settings. Yes, you heard it right, 36! No matter where you're driving, you'll find the perfect throttle response for every situation. It's like having a personal DJ for your gas pedal!

    Hold onto your seats, folks, because Fukin Tuned has a little something special up its sleeve – the Anti-Theft feature that's bound to make thieves throw in the towel and retreat in defeat!

    Bluetooth support: And guess what? Fukin Tuned even supports Bluetooth! Connect it to your smartphone and take control of your throttle response like a boss. Want to feel like a cruising king? Activate the Fukin Cruise mode and blend in with the regular folks on the road. Or if you're feeling a little wild, go for Fukin Send It and leave your competition eating your dust!

    WON’T VOID YOUR WARRANTY: Oh, no, my friend, Fukin Tuned is a rebel with a cause. It'll make your car accelerate like a bolt of lightning without voiding your warranty. We've got your back, and your warranty, too!

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Fukin Tuned, the throttle response controller that puts you in full control of your car's acceleration. It's the ultimate Plug-n-Play experience, installing in under 10 minutes and controlled right from your smartphone. Get ready to unleash the power and leave sluggishness in the rearview mirror. Fukin Tuned: accelerating your ride, one tap at a time!

Fukin Tuned Throttle Controller is available for:

  • Trucks, Sedans, Coupes, SUV's, Crossovers, Vans, etc.
  • Gas, Diesel, and Hybrid vehicles.
  • Manual, Automatic, and CVT Transmissions

Click learn more to see how Fukin Tuned can improve your driving experience.

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Whether you're rolling in a vintage 2000 model or cruising in a shiny brand-new ride, it doesn't matter to us. Those machines are straight-up monsters, but here's the deal: they're sleeping giants just waiting to be awakened. And you know what? It's time to give 'em a rude awakening they'll never forget! Buckle up, my friend, because Fukin Tuned is about to unleash the beast within your wheels! Get ready to rock the road like never before!

  • You plug in Fukin Tuned into your car, and within a mere 5 minutes, magic happens. You gently touch the pedal, and BAM! Your face lights up with a smile that's so wide, it could power a small city. Heck, maybe you'll even burst into a fit of uncontrollable laughter!

  • Get ready to fall head over wheels in love with your car! Once you've experienced the magic of Fukin Tuned, those wild thoughts of buying a new ride will be tossed into the trash like a bad takeout dinner. Your car will become your new crush, your ultimate four-wheeled soulmate.

  • Because adding fun to daily life is necessary. You know what, If you have a FUKIN boring life on roads, it will go to the trash also.

Fukin Tuned
Fukin Tuned


Fukin Tuned

Let's speak honestly. There are lots of products. Chiptuning, performance accessories, performance parts, etc. What is the FUKIN difference?

  • You will not void your car warranty. You can enjoy your car and freely remove Fukin Tuned before selling your car or going to the service.

  • You can plug, and FUKIN play it even not going to performance shops. No need for special instruments to install. Easy as plugging your smartphone into the charger.

  • You can't regret it after you install these products on your car. Because the return is not accepted, but you can return Fukin Tuned in 30 days. So there is nothing to lose.

  • Even if we introduce Seven Wonder's of World, you can't understand and recognize their greatness 100% if you don't feel and touch them. This means you need to feel Fukin Tuned first.


  • No More Throttle Lag

    No More Throttle Lag

  • Forget the Knobs, Go Bluetooth

    Forget the Knobs, Go Bluetooth

  • Plug-and-Play. Ready to Rock

    Plug-and-Play. Ready to Rock

  • Supports Almost All Vehicles

    Supports Almost All Vehicles

  • Anti-Theft Feature

    Anti-Theft Feature

  • Fukin Tuned  Made For Your Car

    Fukin Tuned Made For Your Car



Achieve Better Control and Fuel Economy


Optimized for City Usage


Starting Level for Racing and Performance


Beware, Brings Out the Most in Your Vehicle









The Fukin Tuned Mobile App


Gain full control of your gas pedal with the Fukin Tuned app. Switch between Fukin Slow, Fukin Cruise, Fukin Fast, and Fukin Send It to fine-tune your throttle mapping.

The Fukin Tuned App allows you to unlock additional features such as:

  • After your purchase, you will get instructions for activating the product and downloading our app. After you download and install the app, one click is enough for enjoying the roads. Be sure.

  • You can customize your Fukin Tuned with four modes. In these four modes, there are also eight different sensitivity levels. This means you can find your level more accurately. Cool right?

  • We are collecting feedbacks from you. With this feedbacks, we are updating Fukin Tunedfor a better experience. So your device will be up to date and include more features day by day.

Free download is available on:


  • Fukin Tuned

Fukin tuned is true Plug-n-Play, as it installs at home in less than 10 minutes, and is controlled directly from your smartphone.

Fukin Tuned Installation steps

  • Leave the door open for 15 to allow the ECU (electronic control unit) to shut down
  • Once the ECU shuts down, go to your pedal position sensor and unplug the stock harness
  • Securely connect the fukin tuned unit in line to the pedal harness until you hear a click,
  • You will be provided with zip ties to mount the unit wherever you like,
  • Once mounted, active your unit using the fukin tuned app.



Of course. Just be careful with your speed. Fukin Tuned only gives factory power to you in a shorter time. This means we are not exceeding or overpowering anything on your car. Another thing is, just be careful in your right seat. They can be mad because of the acceleration after you opened Fukin Tuned.

Not at all. The reason is, when you go to the service for any repair work on your car, firstly, they will scan your car via some software stuff. Fukin Tuned, not leaving any FUKIN flags on the car. This is the advantage of Fukin Tuned. If you are scaring and comparing other chip tuning or performance upgrade stuff, please don't. Because it is FUKIN TUNED. You should just remove it before you go to the service, then plug it in again. Simple right?

Fukin Tuned does not increase your car's horsepower, but the real deal is not horsepower. Even if you have hundreds of horsepower, it means nothing if you can't reach it quickly. In addition to that, you never feel your car's actual horsepower if you don't install Fukin Tuned yet. You will recognize, actual horsepower is not the only number on the car catalog after Fukin Tuned. Promise.

Yeap. Fukin Tuned only behaves with the existing engine and other details. It is not important your car is stock or already chipped. A tough tuner works everywhere and in every condition ;)

Absolutely. You don't have to go to any car shop. This means no one will touch or screw your car. After you buy the Fukin Tuned, you should only watch the installation video which we put above on this page. As we said before, plugging Fukın Tuned is easy as plugging your smartphone into the charger.

Of course. In "FUKIN SLÖW" mode, you will reduce your throttle response, and automatically you will improve the MPG. In all, the fuel savings are on your hands.

Fukin Tuned is not waterproof, but it is water-resistant. So be careful about it. Anyway, you will not swim with it, right?

If your cars are in our dropdown list on our homepage, it means compatible. If you want to find a short answer, Fukin Tuned is compatible with all fuel types.

Nope. It doesn't matter. Fukin Tuned works both automatic and manual transmissions.

Actually, we don't recommend it. If your foot stays on the gas pedal, maybe you can light some error lamps like CEL and EPC. So don't press the gas pedal, then select your new mode and sensitivity. You are ready to go now.

In every mode you selected, you will see -4 and +4 options. These are Fukin Tuned sensitivity levels. So you can choose the best fit for you and your conditions.

You should open the app and press begin for a start. That's all. The second option is that if you have already set your options, you don't have to open the app and connect again and again. Opening when you want to change your modes and sensitivity levels is enough.

Of course not. Fukin Tuned has a memory. Your last option stays on your car. So you will not have to open again and again.

Don't worry. Fukin Tuned automatically shuts off itself when you shut off your car.

To change modes, go to your Fukin Tuned mobile app and select the four different modes available.

  • SLOW
    Allows you to maximize your FUKIN fuel economy by up to 20% over the stock ratings. This significantly lowers the response rate for better traction.
    ***SLOW mode is not in effect while your vehicle is in cruise control.***
    Perfect for your daily FUKIN driving. Gives you a more active throttle response and allows your vehicle to accelerate as it should have from the factory.
  • FAST
    Our most dynamic FUKIN driving mode. Our most extreme setting for around-town driving. Sends the signal 70% faster than stock rating.
    Our most extreme FUKIN setting. Gives any vehicle the response and acceleration of a race car. Perfect for racing at the track.

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If the returned product is damaged, you may qualify for a partial refund. We will assess the conditions once we receive the product back and notify you if that return is not qualified for a full refund.

Each Fukin Tuned purchase comes with a 2-year product warranty as long as you can provide a copy of your receipt and purchase it through an authorized seller. This warranty is not transferable if you sell the unit or if you purchase it used.