Modern vehicles do not have a physical throttle cable like they used to. Modern cars and trucks use an electronic throttle control system (ETC). This means the car’s computer (ECU) is in control of your throttle. With electronic throttles, you no longer have complete control over how fast your throttle responds. So, you can’t just mash the pedal harder to accelerate faster.

What’s even worse is manufacturers use the “one size fits all” method to make the majority of customers happy. We thought that was Fukin Ridiculous; not every driver is the same, so why should every vehicle’s throttle map be the same? This idea is how Fukin Tuned was born! Fukin Tuned gives you the customization you deserve by giving you complete control over the throttle mapping. With 36 sensitivity settings and an Anti-Theft mode, Fukin Tuned is guaranteed to improve your vehicle's performance and security, giving you more enjoyment and peace of mind.

How Does Fukin Tuned Work?

Nowadays, vehicles are built with more advanced technology than they used to be. The vehicle’s computer now controls the systems that were once mechanically controlled. One of the new systems is drive-by-wire, or Electronic Throttle Control (ETC), an automotive technology that replaced the mechanical linkage connecting the accelerator pedal to the throttle. The typical drive-by-wire system has Three main components: (1) an Accelerator Pedal Model, (2) a throttle valve that opens and closes the electric motor, and (3) a powertrain/engine control system (PCM/ECM). These features allow for pedal placement flexibility, reduced weight, and help improve fuel economy. But ETCs have their limitations.

The main disadvantage of the ETC is that the pedal response time is significantly slower due to the manufacturer’s settings. The ETC determines how MUCH the throttle body will open and how FAST it will open. So when you press the gas pedal down fully, some manufacturers' throttle bodies will only open to 80% and all of them will open at a speed the computer thinks is best. This is how acceleration is controlled and limited in ETC vehicles. Our engineer says it doesn’t matter how quickly you floor the gas pedal; there will still be a lag in your throttle response.

This is what Fukin Tuned is built for! Fukin tuned plugs directly into the Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor (APPS) located on the gas pedal. Fukin Tuned then takes the information from the APPS  and sends it up to 1000 times faster to the ECU and throttle body. By doing this, Fukin Tuned gives you the ability to eliminate the throttle delay from your accelerator (gas pedal) and allows your engine to respond faster. The difference is Fukin unbelievable!


Do you want to try it? Hop down to our interactive panel!

1-) Touch the mode you want to toggle.

2 -) Adjust the sensitivity with the "+" and "-" arrow buttons.

Fukin Slöw

If you're looking for it, for some reason, here's your chance to slow down your throttle responsivity. This one is a glacier, whale, and penguin-protecting green setting where you spend up to 20% less fuel. Ain't gon' to give you that sweet acceleration, but you can rip the terrain apart with better throttle response and better traction. You can also use it as a valet mode to prevent inexperienced flip-heads from smashing your beast’s wheels.

Fukin Cruise

Here begins the journey of performance. The one and only, greatest setting for daily cruisin'. Most FT users imply that this setting is exactly what they expected from their car when it was out of the factory. Go classic and regain the feeling of using an "old school" throttle cable. Best one for blending into regular simple humans out there in the traffic.

Fukin Fast

Fukin Fast is 70% faster at sending the signal than the stock rating. So you better buckle up for the last stop before the full performance. This is probably as high as you should go for a drive around town.

Fukin Send It

Welcome to the Fukin Tuned experience. This setting is what makes you different from your competition, so that you can Fukin Send Them the smoke from your tires. You better use it at the racing track, or we're not responsible for the outcome.

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