Fukin Tuned's mission is to send shockwaves through the automotive aftermarket performance parts industry with affordable and effective performance parts. We believe everyone should have the right to modify their car to their liking with a high quality throttle response controller that is easy and safe to install and operate.


Since its release in mid-2021, Fukin Tuned has been making waves in the Throttle Tuning category. Fukin Tuned is manufactured in Turkey’s most advanced automotive performance facility, ensuring a high-quality product and extreme performance.

With years of R&D under their belt, the Fukin Tuned Engineers set forth to make on-the-fly throttle tuning available to everyone. With their main Headquarters in Southern California, the car culture capital of the country, Fukin Tuned is ready to take the throttle response market by storm. We hope you will enjoy Fukin Tuned as much as we do!

- Team Fukin Tuned